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Our Bellerive stoves use 70% less fuel than open fires. They also make kitchens cleaner and safer, while greatly improving the quality of the food being cooked.

Design features that differentiate our stoves include:

-  galvanised steel outer body (mild steel will eventually rust)

-  double steel cylinder (not a simple metal casing lined with bricks)

-  glass wool insulation between the two cylinders (keeping the outside of the stove cool)

-  firebricks lining the lower part of the stove (building bricks disintegrate when heated)

-  fireproof cement to hold the bricks in place (normal cement cracks and crumbles)

-  cast iron firebox (steel bars are distorted by heat)

-  stainless steel pot with lid (not aluminium or mild steel)

-  heavy gauge chimney (for extended life)

-  inspection and cleaning cap on the chimney (to permit proper cleaning)

-  adjustable door (to regulate incoming airflow)

All stoves come with free installation, a set of cleaning tools (ash scoop, scraper and chimney brush) and training for cooks in operation and maintenance. We also provide spare parts and servicing.

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